Saturday, June 27, 2015

Post SCOTUS ruling on the Affordable Care Act

A recent survey (admittedly uncontrolled, and unscientific) reveals several types of reactions to  the SCOTUS ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

1. Apathy
2. Continuing resistance
3. Liberals who equate Obamacare with socialized medicine.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Apathy amongst providers is growing. Too much energy and time are involved fighting this battle for patients, which detracts time and energy from direct patient care.

Republicans                 Democrats                                

The Republican party has wasted much time and effort attempting to tear down the  Obamacare Wall by removing a tiny  cindereblock from the foundation.

The major problem with Obamacare is not the tax credit issue.

Blindly offering insurance coverage and access by politicians intent upon gaining political influence, and/or election is a great disservice to the American voter.  The internal workings of the American health system are overshadowed by HHS, Medicare, and Medicaid rulings which at times overrule the workings of the private sector.

As recently as 1965 governmental intrusion into health care was minimal.  Over the next 50 years involvement grew exponentially as Americans lined up for their 'entitlements'. As it grew, freedom of choicde gradually eroded.

President Obama now claims the Affordable Care Act is "the law of the land", much like he promised, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".  The truth is quite the opposite.  This one lie disenchanted any intelligent voter. He lied about that, and about the influence of Jonathan Gruber on the construction of the Affordable Care Act.  Obama lined up with Gruber and his statement about the American Voter being too stupid to  understand the law.

The lingering problem is that many Americans are ignorant how medical care is financed, and the insatiable appetite for  health  care...there is never enough.

In the long run SCOTUS' ruling will not mean much when the law is deconstructed and heavily amended.  It will require intellligent minds who are grounded in patient care and health administration, keeping it paitent and provider centered.
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