Thursday, February 26, 2015

Measuring the Value of Patient-Centered Care

Can we measure the value of patient-centered care? Please join us as we discuss this question and related topics during our next Great Challenges online event focused on “The Role of the Patient.” Moderated by Boston NPR Health Care Reporter Martha Bebinger, our multi-disciplinary group of experts will discuss the rise of patient-centered care, explore how we can standardize its measurement to encourage evidence-based policy changes, and touch on what those potential policy changes might look like.

In the past, healthcare providers dispensed medical care with little questioning by patients; the role of the patient was to listen and follow “doctor’s orders.” Today, however, many agree that in order to arrive at the best outcomes, care must be shaped by what is valuable and meaningful to each individual patient. But can we quantify the efficacy of this approach? As we encourage patients to take an active role in the doctor-patient encounter and as patient-centered care becomes more widely adopted, how will we know when we’ve achieved success? Is it possible to standardize measurement of patient-centered care to build a solid evidence base? And how can we ensure that such an evidence base leads to broad-based policy changes that support more and better patient-centered care?

Today, new health reform policy interferes with patient centered care with prior authorization, and denials. frustrating both provider, patient and family

Join us for a live online event Thursday, February 26 at noon EST to discuss these issues and more with experts on the topic. 

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  Measuring the Value of Patient-Centered Care

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