Saturday, December 13, 2014

CellScope’s iPhone-enabled otoscope, remote consultation service launches for CA parents

Parents in California who have children who get chronic ear infections will soon have a more convenient way to get their kids care.

San Francisco-based CellScope, a Khosla Ventures-backed Rock Health alum, has begun taking preorders for its FDA registered smartphone-enabled otoscope,called Oto Home. The director-to-consumer device is priced at $79 and will ship in four to six weeks. A feature-rich, $299 version of the system, called Oto Pro, is also available for preorder now to physicians located anywhere in the US.

There are caveats in using this device and parents should be trained how to insert the scope. The Otohome will come with an FDA approved label for  users, the same as any FDA approved device or medication.
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