Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Affordable Care Act and Mid-term Elections

The ACA has had some effect resulting in the Democratic loss of seats in Congress.   Many Democrats feel the pain from voter displeasure with the ACA.   Whether this will make a difference to the ACA is still questionable since President Obama will cast a veto against any proposed changes in the law.  Although some changes have been made to the law, most have been waivers or delays in dates.

In a midterm election with many implications for healthcare, Republicans pulled off their expected takeover of the Senate, which they hope will enable them to rewrite the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even if they can't repeal it outright. Health Train's opinion is the mid-term will not repeal the ACA.

The Republicans can boast that they gained seats due to the backlash against Obama, the ACA.  Some of the backlash due to Obama and his statement, "If you like your doctor and hospital    you will be able to keep your doctor." That was a statement not based upon Obama'sl understanding of the law, when he signed it.

The second act of enrollment begins again.

Significant changes will have to wait until the next Presidential election.

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