Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Analysis of the Affordable Care Act Enrollments

Health insurance exchanges in 2015: 

Health Insurance exchanges are very new in to the marketplace. Previous exchanges were largely private and individualized without strict guidelines.  The Affordable  Care Act mandated a total revision and set rigid giuidelines for these exchanges and  great emphasis was placed on the initial enrollment deadline without a mature online registration system.  The rush led to frustration, disappointment, and worse, a total lack of faith and trust in the Affordable Care Act.

How to boost success

We must thank those volunteers who were and still are essential to this process. Many are from non-profit organizations who were not  formerly involved with healthcare.  Our government placed much of the enrollment process on volunteers.

Health Train Express will outline plans to improve enrollment and the functioning of health exchanges

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State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered 2014

More than 800 health coverage leaders came together for our State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered conference in June 2014 to share, learn, and plan after the first open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act.
We took a critical look at what worked, what barriers consumers continue to face, and how we could all work together to sustain and build momentum for the ongoing effort to get America covered (click here to download the full conference program).

A compilation of resources for Getting America Covered 2014

Watch the Plenary Webcasts

Click here to watch recordings of the five plenary sessions.

Download Slides from the Workshop Presentations

Volunteers Matter: Building and Sustaining a Volunteer Program

Health Insurance Literacy: Helping Consumers Understand Their Coverage Options As it turned out this was one of the most important issues for a previously uninsured population totally unfamililar with terms and the workings of health insurance coverage 

Evaluate Your Outreach: Efforts to Improve Results

Referral Networks: Essential for Enrollment Success

Using Personal Stories to Motivate Consumers

Phonebank Your Way to Success: Consumers Need to Hear from You Over the Phone

Getting to Yes: Resources, Tips, and Lessons for an Effective Fundraising Pitch

Facilitating Productive Coalition Communication – The North Carolina Model

Outside the Box: Innovative Ways Tax Preparation Can Maximize Enrollment

Equipping Enrollment Assisters to be Successful

Keys to Enrollment: Leading States Speak Out

Effective Outreach and Organizing Strategies in an Open Enrollment Environment

Strategies to Fast-Track Medicaid Enrollment

What Worked and How Do We Know?

The Conference Agenda: (Downloadable pdf)

All or most of these actions took place during the initial enrollment period of  2013-2014. The next open enrollment period will beginning October 2015.

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