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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Feds are Enforcing Privacy Rules With Stiff Fines for violating HIPAA Regulatons

Groups hit with record $4.8M HIPAA fine

And finally, not all data breaches are electronic:

This breach involved records from a hospital emergency department that should have been shredded ending up in a dumpster in front of the hospital. "It was a windy day. Security forgot to put a lid on the dumpster. The records are down the street," Hinkley recounted. Ultimately, school children nearby ended up collecting the records and returned them to the hospital. "The security guard said, 'not my job,'" said Hinkley. "How could someone seeing papers (flying about) not think, 'Gee, is that something I should think about?'"
The incident could well serve as the poster child for inadequate employee training, added Hinkley. The key is to "have it be owned by everybody from the first person the patient sees to the last one they see and everybody that touches their data in between."

EHRs and other digital storage or HIT network has been delayed, despite HIPAA regulations. Implementation may be delayed due to a multitiude of mandated changes in health reform. Institutions are hard pressed to comply due to financial limitation meeting all their responsibilities. 

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