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Monday, June 30, 2014

Revolutionary Hologram Guided Surgery is a Heartbeat Away

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi thriller, but an Israeli holographic imaging system for the operating room is poised to revolutionize surgery in the near future.

Though only in the clinical beta prototype stage, the world’s first 3D holographic display and interaction system for medical applications was already featured on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy and has been tested successfully by surgeons at Israel’s Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikva.
This proprietary digital technology from RealView Imaging in Yokneam projects hyper-realistic, dynamic 3D holographic images of body structures “floating in the air” without the need for special glasses or a conventional screen.
The physician can literally touch and interact precisely with the projected three-dimensional volumes, providing an unprecedented tool for planning, performing and evaluating minimally invasive surgical procedures.
As reported in the Israeli Times

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