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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Google Glass and Health Care

If you are a practicing physician, it woul be hard to miss all the changes due to EHR adoption, and Health Information Exchanges.

The HIT space is also being invaded by other applications and consumer hardware/software platforms easily adapted to medical practice.  Some innovator surgeons and medical physicians also have taken available platforms and adapting them to patient care.  HIPAA has prepared the innovators for security and privacy of patient medical information.

Google has many apps that can be used in a medical environment.

Google glass has been used by  some surgeons to teach and/or get consultations in real time.

Google Glass has been of interest to the healthcare industry for a while, and while performing surgery with Glass is nothing new, complying with HIPAA standards while doing it is.

We go into this in more detail at:  Digital Health Space.

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