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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Disruptive Men in Healthcare

One of my favorite blogs, Disruptive Women in Healthcare, at which I frequently lurk quietly stalking those ladies who are assertive, bright, imaginative, charming ( I have to throw that in) and articulate.

Here is my new blog, DISRUPTIVE MEN IN HEALTH CARE. Perhaps I should name it "Disruptive Persons in HealthCare. In the last several years we have a new culture of 'anger management' in which surgeons, and doctors are not allowed to yell, be polite at all costs, and tolerate dangerous or risky behavior. This will be a forum for polite expressions of our displeasure with the system.

Male and female physicians are accused of being disruptive when their authority is questioned or an order ignored. I am a bit old fashioned, however a brief admonition is within the scope of human relationships. As a physicians' role is minimized and their duty to protect and treat patients is obstructed by well meaning but uninformed para-medical personell, many physicians approach the breaking point of patience.

I will be inviting and encouraging guests to add their own positive remarks, and/or negative observations regarding health care, policy makers, and the insertion of ' personality '  into daily medical business.

I am looking for those who are willing to express their opinions, without regard to political correctness, however profanity is not welcome.

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