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No I don’t mean the claims that are denied or returned due to an error in a code, ,or a mismatched diagnosis and procedure code…

The dump of which I speak is the release of 2012 CMS payments to individual providers according to CPT  code.

The reactions are as predicted, whether true or false,

CMA-“MDs upset by Medicare’s release of payments”
U.S. CTO Todd Park puts it an “unprecedented” opportunity for transparency. But what will researchers--and ultimately seniors and taxpayers--be able to actually learn from it?
Consumer’s Watchdog- “Doctors fighting physician accountability to Public get paid millions by Public via Medicare: Most dangerous docs lead pack
And down to the ridiculous from MDigital Life- “Doctors who tweet aren’t ones who bill Medicare for millions”.

In case you had not heard HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigned. Her parting words were; “ And I thought being a Governor was tough Try being an administrator”. Sebelius served as the sounding board and magnet for opposition even before the health benefit exchange suffered it’s startup meltdown.

Can Doctors speak their minds without getting into trouble?

Will the new Secretary of HHS, Sylvia Matthews Burwell, the President’s pick to head HHS be able to carry out the implementation of the ACA, in the face of intense opposition which continues as when the ACA was first passed.

Health Train Express opines that the release of this data is good, very good for providers, especially those in the top 5% of payments. Further information may reveal high costs for drugs, and  equipment for specialty practices such as neurosurgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, radiology and others.  Contrary to many opinions someone making a lot of money is not necessarily a felon, greedy, or lumped in with terrorists or pediophiles.  Chances are Obama will use this information to ‘spread the wealth’ by decreasing payments to the most productive MDs and give it to those most deserving...and needed...pediatricians, psychiatrists and some primary care providers.

Patients (taxpayers) now will be informed where their tax money goes, besides defense, and other branches of the government. Ir might even turn out to one-up-manship. (My doctor makes more money than yours, so he must be better)

As most charts and tables that are published there is much to be seen in the footnotes, which this document does not include.  

It gives me a warm feeling to know that we are supporting more algos to analyze this ‘BIG  DATA”

Whatever happened to that Federal law designed to reduce paper?

Proponents of an initiative seeking more public accountability for California physicians said the federal government's posting online of Medicare payments to specific physicians puts California Medical Association leaders in an uncomfortable position.
And finally--In other news John Lynn asks, “Are you optimistic or pessimistic about healthcare?”

Answer- “About the same as for the general state of America”

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