Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perspectives on Health Reform and Social Media

Social media has gradually become a major source of news, communication, networking and a driver of health reform.  It has become a ‘crowd sourcing’  resource for writers, bloggers, media, and social media gatherings.

Meetings on health reform and health in general are now sourced by Twitter Hashtags, Facebook likes and follows, and Google Plus +s.

Having become an ingrained source of insormation due to my blogging and social media networks, thanks to devotees of Health Train Express and Digital Express the power of social media can only be described as awesome and an influence to be dealt with whether you like or hate social media

So this is a thank you to all those who have participated in liking, forwarding, sharing, tweeting, piniting, digging, and making it all Delicious.

While the articles are focused on U.S. Health we also have many international global readers in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

At times I publish less and yet my network activity still increases. We use feedjit to watch our daily activity.  We have only about 100 visitors a day, mostly initial visits and a repeat visitor about 5% of the time.  Our largest source of inbound readers is Google.   Our uninended key words such as ‘train” or “express’ nets some surprised readers who often return.  Thus our writings educate and influence consumers,voters and politicians.

We are in a dynamic and exciting period of health financing reform the unexpected arrival of social media has enhanced the process.

Occassionally I will hashtag a post with a trending hashtag that is unrelated to health care. This positons our posts in a busy street fo all to see.  Lots of ‘lookyloos’ and some are ‘hooked and return more often than I would expect.

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