Friday, April 11, 2014

Medicare-Provider Payment Information

In the past it has been illegal for physicians to collude by comparing their fees in an effort to set fees.

CMS however has unique powers to reveal physician fees and has done so to the general public this week.  Will this be a net positive or negative? How will patients put this info into proper perspective?

Some possible uses for Medicare fee disclosures:

1. Spotting fraud and abuse
2. Educating the public
3. Providing some misleading information
4. Creating fodder for quality ratings.
5. Directing patients to low cost procedures
6. Providing leverage to group physicians

What do you think about this?  

CMS on April 9 did release several very large  spreadsheets reimbursment with the details driling down to each physician.  

The numbers require some analysis, as to demographics, and regions

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