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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Options for Obamacare Health Insurance Policies.

Options for Obamacare Health Insurance Policies.

Depending on  your level of income there are several options.

1. Purchase a very high deductible catastrophic medical insurance policy
2. Use your monthly saving to put money into your self-funded medical savings accout you control.
3.Consider joining a religious group cost-sharing program such as Liberty Healthshare,Christian care, Medishare and Samaritan Ministries.
4. Seek out direct pay practices imaging centers and hospitals that offer discounts for cash-pay for only the services you choose.  These practices and hospitals save significant overhead by not billing insurance companies to only be denied.
5. Consider medical tourism and purcase a ig-deductible international health insruance policy for much lower premiums that offer medical services in lower cost countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Singapore, Tailand,  India and others. There are professional agencies that provide these services.  Many foreign medical providers are educated in the United  States and the United Kingdom.

Our overall advice is to take control of your medical care in your own hands in partnership with physicians of your choice

At it’s core, Obamacare is about controlling YOU, and limiting your choices for medical care and how you spend your money. Obamacare is not about “affordable care” or “patient protection”

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