Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not Running A Hospital, Or What is Wrong at Hadassah ?

Hadassah was the alternate name of Queen Esther,  and is also the name of the American Jewish charitable organization of women, founded by Henrietta Szold in 1912.

Hadassah Medical Organization has fallen on hard times.

Only recently has this news been released. A lack of transparency and poor governance have accumulated to question the solvency of Hadassah Medical Organization, which is now $ 1.5 billion dollars in debt.

Pointing fingers at the past will not change the situation, however all should learn the importance of transparency in governance. There should be no shame at failure, only the lack of willingness to be committed to change.


Paul Levy, former CEO of a prominent Boston Medical Center shared with us on his blog, Not Running a 
Hospital. The title is quite an allegory, since he is now retired from hospital leadership. Apparently that is 
what has occured at Hadassah Medical Organization. What can global medical interests do to help?
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