Thursday, December 19, 2013

Health Benefit Exchange

Has health care improved since the ACO went into effect??  We have been told that already the ACA has saved millions and perhaps billions of dollars. How is that so?  Where are the details?

I have an open mind and I am willing to consider the just show me the numbers. How is it that the government has infused billions of dollars into health IT and providers must now support it operationally ? Given the lifetime of IT hardware and software obsolescence in five years at the most it will all have to be upgraded and/or replaced with a second generation of sofware that has real meaningful usability, not the garbage that HHS is insisting we use to accomodate the "quants" at HHS who massage the information spewing out of their machines.

Health care now supports an industry of high tech that has nothing to do with patient care. Vendors of hardware, software, consultants, IT consultants, a stream of auditors, review firms, outcome studies. What idiots think we are saving money?  The money in health care no longer is going to patient is going to many parasitic organizations.  The only good thing about it is that unemployment would be much worse than it is already.

How long will  health benefit exchanges  be useful after the initial period of signing up the uninsured. Surely it will cost a great deal to fix it, and maintain it.

If the affordable care act continues to roll out the next five years will be a financial and health disaster.

For all the details on Health Benefit Exchanges and which insurance companies have signed up here is the list. It does not mean your doctor will accept these plans since the reimbursement rates in the Affordable Care Act will be very low compared to the current rates.

Stay tuned.

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