Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Does Obama really want the Affordable Care Act to Suceed?

President Obama really does not want the Affordable Care Act to suceed. Obama's ideology does not match the system of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is a mix of governmental regulation, socialistic ideology and capitalistic free market competition. Obama's mantra is 'hope and change'....a change in direction for the United States. This includes redistribution of wealth. The Affordable Care Act is a guise for this goal. It is blatant, and thinly disguised. Those who believe the ACA will provide health care to the uninsured are misguided. The preventive measures guarranteed by Obamacare could have been delivered without revising health insurance. Expanding Medi-caid (a failed system in many states) is a poor option for the poor and uninsured. A better choice would have been to design a new agency to administer subsidized Obamacare. The entrenched administrators of Medi-caid will not have fresh ideas having been bogged down for decades in public social services which also is in charge of cash aid,, and the SNP Food stamp programs. Let's put some of the 'poor' to work administering their own ACA benefit.It is going to take tens of thousands of people to administer the program. The secondary benefit will be fewer unemployed, and perhaps they will be able to pay an insurance premium. They already know what is at stake, having been 'victims' of the present system for decades. Are these people going to have to stand in line with a pile of paperwork to enroll in Medi-caid....or is the HBX going to bypass this process? We have not heard any answers to these questions.

Ultimately the impending confusion and chaos will make the public demand universal payer or some type of total governmental health system. The current system is unsustainable regardless, and the ACA is no better. In terms of the initial success or failure of the ultimate result will be who has an insurance card on January 1, 2014. Obama and his administration's announcements how successful the HBX now is, and how many people have enrolled, there remains a large gap between enrolling on an unproven and a demonstrated unproven IT system.
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