Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ObamaCare--The End of Affordable Care

The Affordable Care Act signals the end of affordable and quality health care in America. It also signals the redistribution of money flow. Unfortunately the cash flow will not go to the poor with low incomes. It will be directed to the most wealthy in America….insurance companies, pharma, and government agencies. President Obama promised ‘Hope and Change’. Change is what we are beginning to get. Hope? That may be a long way off, or never. A sense of doom has settled in on most intelligent people. Those without, and who have little have been given an empty promise of more for less. Those who wish to change or revert the system are faced with the inertia of a moving object. However it is easier to redirect a moving object than to move a sationery object. 1200 pages of the Affordable Care Act outline with autocratic mandates what shall be done by governmental administrators. While most ‘experts’ are bogged down in the details, wandering in the trees, the forest is dying. The naturally occurring economic rules are being bypassed, by socialistic cronyism. We normally think about capitalistic cronyism, however socialistic cronyism is far more dangerous because it is embedded in the ‘power’ structure. True cronyism is family or business based. The affordability of health insurance has been based upon actuarial tables, many of which are false and unproven. There is no assurance that you will be able to keep or afford your current or new insurance plan. This is not socialized medicine, or universal payer system. This will affect every American family, as a greater percentage of their income is diverted from food, housing, disposable income and purchasing power. The Affordable Care Act (most likely funded by the National Debt) will create a cascade of lost employment, fewer small businesses, and great stress upon the giants of industry. The outcome will be fewer hospitals, doctors, and poorer public health despite all the promises of HHS and their propaganda about public health, nutritious food, and healthy life styles. Increased stress caused by the Affordable Care Act will have a deletorius effect on those who ‘run out’ of money to feed their family, and who will no longer be able to afford healthy food, switching to high fat, low protein diets. Disposable income will diminish creating a reduction in consumer demand, carrying over to a decrease in production of goods. Creating and operating an IT system to run the Health Benefit Exchange is the most simple aspect of the Affordable Care Act. The stalled opening of and further uncertainty about it’s security and operational reliability are flaws that should and will raise concern in the populous. The actual implementation of payment for and delivery of care will not be so simple. The prospect of HHS and the government being able to deliver on it’s promise is like having a check book with no money in the account(s).

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