Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Physicians Digital Marketing Guide for 2014


Most physicians shy away from marketing. Our ethics discourage self-aggrandizement and most marketing falls into that category.

However there are alternative positive reasons for promoting your medical practice.

Charitable and Philanthropic Goals


Public Health Informational Content


Mission positive statements


Clarity and Distinction from other Medical enterprises

Informational, educational and training opportunities


Location Information using Mapping technology, Directions to facility

With these ideas in mind, today’s lesson will be on Digital Marketing for 2014.  The information is time-limited due to the nature of electronic media.

White papers on digital marketing, social media, organic marketing, are readily available online,in digital form and for downloading as printed documents.

Conventional 20th Century marketing in industry publications, journals, meetings,and even emails are passé. 


Emails are considered spam and frequently deleted without being opened. Email is also considered a viral threat is attachments and/or links are opened.  Readers will frequently not click on a link in the body of the email.

Online marketing can be a challenge to analyze what, when and where potential clients (patients) read online content.

Recent experience and reports from media experts also reveal the fluid and ever-changing tools and structure of social media platforms.

Social media is dynamic and must be interactive, with Q&A capabilities. Social media platforms allow for business pages (Facebook, Google +)

Not only is what you say important, but how you say it, where it is placed in your content, and who reads your material.

Modern search algorithms have morphed into natural language processing and semantic interoperability.  If your content is designed properly it will favor  a ‘viral message’



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