Friday, October 25, 2013

Educating in Health Care with Social Media


What you can learn using social media..

Edutopia, and Mimi Ito  bring a fresh perspective about social media, and it’s entertainment value for education.  It applies to adults as well as children.

The requirements  for Continuing Medical Education  for medical license renewal converts a previously enjoyable learning experience into an exercise in frustration signing up for useless CME courses in order to meet a mandate for CME.

Learning should be fun, creative and stimulating. Social Media has the capability to accomplish all of that.  The most creative people are those activating “their inner child”

Mimi Ito elaborates in this video. Much of this applies to adult education and professionals as well.

On the flip side of this, Social Media Courses for physicians, termed residencies to align the format with CME courses and CME credits have grown and presented by several large established educational institutions.  Who could have predicted that physicians would line  up to apply for a  social media residency ?  Lee Aase as head of Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Department.

Lee Aase has been known for his traditional social media, and now his lead role in health care social media as demonstrated by his writings, and lectures.

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Social Media has large implications for patient education, physician education, physician-patient education and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer.


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