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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Secretary Jack Lew’s Message to Congress


Health Train Express' investigation reveals the enclosed letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.

The news is not good. Our country has backed itself into a corner. The reasons are many, and finger-ponying and filibuster will not solve any problems. There is no rational reason to negotiate Obama Care Funding or link Government shut down with the challenges ahead.

Regardless of the outcome the news is disheartening. All of us have known this was coming and we have allowed our congressional representatives to kick the can down the road.

This is the consequence of citizen apathy and allowing politicians to grandstand for their own sake of power and narcissistic argument. This of course does not apply to all our representatives, however some leadership has gained control due to the specific nature of their local constituency.

Text of John Lew's letter to the Speaker of the Houses (and to all Americans)  this document loads very slowly.  If so try this link instead.

All of this takes place behind the center stage of Health Reform. In the desperation of taking credit for a long conceived goal for Americans the current democratic administration and democratic leaders have gained political capital by autocratic methods of decision making.

Republicans are in favor of health reform and are standing fast against the present financial methods of the Affordable Care Act and illegal powers delegated to the Department of HHS, without regard to expert authorities in health. Deadlines are near for a series o mandates, which will have consequential effects on our economy and business. Is Obama care even affordable?

Lew's Letter points out our plight. Some wish to prioritize debts. This is what most businesses do on the brink of insolvency. He argues that our credit worthiness is at stake. Can we guarantee all our creditors will be happy? No. Banks especially stand to lose more interest if we do not increase the debt ceiling.

In my home we have to prioritize some debt at times. The truth will set us free. To obfuscate our challenges with false hope and faulty reasoning as well as outright falsehoods is to damn ourselves and we will suffer the consequences. We are out of time.

We are still powerful even if our debt is excessive irresponsible and self-serving. Our credit-worthiness is a set of numbers that are arbitrarily set by bankers. Have you ever dealt with credit bureaus, and credit scores? Do we default on our loans? No, but we default on many obligations and legal mandates within the United States by offering false promises and misleading explanations.

Truth is always simple when explanations become complex, chaotic and dysfunctional you can be certain issues are manipulated. Statistics can prove anything. Attorneys can argue quite effectively against truth depending on their goals.

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GML September 25, 2013


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