Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mobile Health Apps on Facebook ??

Will there be a Facebook Mobile Health App in Your future?

At a high-profile event, Facebook's CEO once again stressed the importance of creating applications on his platform.

Historically, "Facebook apps" have meant social apps running on Facebook's website, like Zynga's once-popular, now-fading Web-based games. Distribution was the main part of its appeal.

Facebook already has a mobile health platform.

Now, Facebook wants developers to work Facebook into multiple tiers of the application-development process. To that end, it recently acquired Parse, which operates some of the back-end services mobile-app developers need.Last week, Zuckerberg addressed a crowd at Parse's developer conference, harping on the importance of developers using Facebook's services when building apps. His talk today made it even clearer that the company wants to be in as many applications as possible, making Facebook the platform upon which all applications are created.

Facebook's user base of 1.5billion certainly provides an excellent entry point for users looking for mhealth apps.

Social media is spreading it's tentacles into the health space. Entrepeneurs will find a way into the hearts of consumers, whether medical, hospital or device manufacturers. Many already have a facebook page. It would not take a great leap for developers to take it one step further.

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