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Monday, September 23, 2013

Covered California Health Benefit Exchange and Federally sponsored Health Benefit Exchanges




How to find a job as a NAVIGATOR ?

It is not easy. Even Google and other search engines are confused. After spending an hour with multiple search terms this is my best guess,and estimate to help.

In California roughly 6-8 million uninsured may line up to learn about Covered California from a “NAVIGATOR”

As a physician or other independent health care provider you need to know how this will work in California. 

California is amongst   the states that refused to set up a  Federally operated exchange by not accepting federal grants to assist in the organizations

Those states who chose to go it alone are all unique and administered differently

This monograph applies ONLY IN CALIFORNIA

California has set a high bar to become a “Navigator” for the Affordable Care Act.

Despite what has been written about ‘non-profits’ California’s web site for Covered California outlines a list of requirements.  It is somewhat contradictory because in one section it states that you must be a certified and licensed insurance agent, yet in another it refers to non-profits.

Covered California also offers these tools for orientation about the program;.

Webinar  Assistance Program and the process to become a Certified Enrollment Entity  

This Covered California webinar will provide Certified Enrollment Entity applicants with additional information on “next steps” to becoming a Certified Enrollment Entity (CEE).  

This webinar reviews the process for affiliated individuals to become Certified Enrollment Counselors (CECs).  It will also provide details on the following:

  • Next steps for the CEE is to identify staff that will become CEC
  • CEE Administrative Training
  • CEC next steps:
    • Criminal Disclosure Form
    • Background Screening and fingerprinting process and timeline
    • CEC training – process for registering and training timeline

    Note:  Webinars were held  February 2013 through September 2013  Content may be different. I recommend the latest webinar and slide deck

    Click here to view the "Next Steps" Webinar

  • Click here to download the accompanying slide deck

Slide Deck

These instructions were dated September 2013, however the webinars and slide decks were produced in early 2013.  All of this is subject to change and we advise calling the HBE for updates. 


Enrollment Assistance Program
Proposed 2013 Timeline- for FEDERAL HBE’s  does not apply to Covered California.


Certified Enrollment Entity Application Release
Summer 2013

Certified Enrollment Entity Training Begins
Summer 2013

In-Person Assistance Certified Enrollment Counselor Training and Certification Begins
Summer 2013

Open Enrollment Begins
Fall 2013

Navigator Program

Navigator Grant Application Release
February 2014

Navigator Grant Application Submission Due
March 2014     

Navigator Grant Award
June 2014   

Navigator Training and Certification Begins
June 2014

Navigator Entities begin Enrollment Assistance
July 2014

Confused?  You will note that many of these dates are after HBEs are scheduled to begin after open enrollment.

If you live in a state that is or has set up it’s own HBE check with the state’s Health Benefit Exchange web site.  It may be hard to find.  In addition, those states who are setting up their own HBE are not listed on the Federal Web Site for how to apply.

The Covered California HBE offers enrollment material for Navigators and Independent Assistance Advisors. (note the distinction as explained at Covered California’ Slide Deck.

A greatly expanded monograph for Covered California

The Affordable Care Act’s  “California’s Navigator Program” on Amazon in a downloadable e-Book for $ 0.99 USD It should be available by October 1, 2013 .

The Affordable Care Act’s U.S. Federal and State Navigator Programs will also be available for $4.99 USD. Individual states are also available for $0.99 USD

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