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2013 The Walking Gallery

Just a reminder,  today is another episode of The Walking Gallery, a regularly occuring event, which thus far has only been held in Washington, D.C.  This unique event was founded by Regina Holliday. This year it will be held:

The Walking Gallery 3 will be held in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Northwest DC one block from the Mural 73 Cents.

The event has been quite successful growing in numbers each year. For the past two years The Walking Gallery gathered in the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health.  It was a great venue for the first two years.  Thank you Kaiser Permanente for your gracious support!  The first year we had 54 Walkers wearing their jackets.  The second year we had over 80.  

The “glue” that is the centerpiece for the event is the creative paintings which Regina Holliday has painted on the back of jackets which the attendees wear. These are pictorials of people in medical situations depicting different events.  Regina travels the country visiting many medical conferences and is inspired by these events. Many of the attendees are well known in social media and are prominent thought leaders.

The Walking Gallery 3: Everybody Walks

Regina Holliday also blogs at “Regina Holliday’s Advocacy Blog”  this week’s edition is entitled “Stair Steps

"Stair Steps" a jacket for Tom EvansAccompanying each of these paintings Regina also utilizes her amazing story telling talent as a postscript for the artwork. The stories themselve are an art form and a novelette. They are also based upon real life situations. The stories always grab me, there is humor, happiness, sadness and tragedies….many of which are precipitated by our broken health care system.

If you are a provider, patient or an advocate it gives you much thought and should stimulate thought and illuminate just where things have gone “wrong’ Regina along with other prominent patient advocates, such as ePatientDave are already making a difference.

The event came to my attention rather late. So if you miss it plan for next year.

My only complaint is that the event has not taken place on the West Coast or in the midwest.

Regina, you have many fans here on the ‘Left Coast”.  How about a Walking Gallery in Los Angeles, San Diego, or in San Francisco ?


San Diego Convention Center                   San Francisco Cable Car Turnaround

One other suggestion is to also carry the event as a live stream on Google Hangouts on Air, to share it with the rest of the world.

DC Health Week HealthCamp - Walking Gallery 13297


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