Friday, June 14, 2013

Obama+Superman+The Man of Steel



Obama as Superman

It looks like the man of steel has Obama’s back. Although The Affordable Care is due to come online a short less than 6 months and experts predict it will create chaos and not have the effect of significantly reducing the number of insured.

It is certain to increase overhead and operating expenses to develop accountable care organizations which are supposed to be the backbone of saving cost, improving outcomes and producing “big data”, which is now named “meta-data”.

Recent missteps by the Democratic administration and Mr. Obama have triggered Congressional Hearings on National Security, the IRS, and Benghazi to name a few. There is also the observation that this may be just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg.  Who knows what hidden secrets and agreements lurk in the making of the Affordable Care Act.


As a matter of political expediency the Democratic majority passed it unilaterally, not caring enough to even read the  ACA.

Popular demand does not seem to sway HHS or the President to review or consider modifications to the Act.  It appears they will push forward until the cracks widen, chaos ensuing and insolvency occur.

Let’s call for a Congressional Inquiry  into the Department of HHS, and it’s divisions such as Medicaid. 

Full Committee Hearing - Hearing for Secretary of Health and Human Services-Designate, Governor Kathleen Sebelius

The Cabinet members in the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service (Treasury) and State Department all refused to ‘fall on their swords’ during their appearance before Congress.

Apparently raising your right hand and swearing to be truthful and not commit perjury do not hold sway with these Cabinet heads.


Not quite taking the fifth amendment option of not incriminating themselves, they developed ‘selective amnesia’ .  By admitting to ‘nothing’ or claiming mental inadequacy’ saves them from perjury.


I’d like to see Secretary K. Sebilius on the witness stand to answer many questions Congress will have for  her about the Affordable Care Act.


1. How did big Pharma play a role?

2 What role did insurance companies play?

3. What is her plan to follow the mandate of the ACA?


The passage and enactment of the  Patient Protection and Affordability Act seems to be an oxymoron, it will not be affordable for the country, and patients are not protected.

Only when these and more questions bring into the light of day how the ACA was formed.


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