Monday, June 3, 2013

Obamacare in California: Health Benefit Exchange


Executive Director:  Peter Lee


Health Train Express did some deep dyving into the Covered California Plan. California is the first State to embark on the Affordable Care Acts option for states to plan their own Insurance Exchange.

This information is taken from the Covered California web site. Readers must realize that this plan will not be operational until January 2014, and that most figures are subject to revision.

On the surface it appears reasonable to assure all are covered.  If your income is below the 400 % of the Federal Poverty Level (subject to the size of your family) you will be eligible for the subsidized tax credit.  The Covered California web site provides a simple calculator to get an estimate of your premiums.  The web site also provides a benefit table, co-pays, deductibles, maximum out of pocket expenses and a range of plans, Bronze,Gold, Silver, Platinum.

The ACA  Changes that occur in January 2014

Calculating Potential Insurance Cost in 2014

Coverage Basics

For Individuals and Families

Getting Financial Help

Calculating Potential Insurance Cost in 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need coverage before 2014

The Fine Details (Not for the faint of heart)---written by attornies and passed into law by the California State Legislature and signed by Governor Jerry Brown

Legislative Bills

AB 792

AB 1766

AB 1926

SB 961


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