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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not quite a “Blue Screen” perhaps HIE needs just a Reboot


After five or more years of terrifyingly slow progress in developing a nationwide health information network, several large enterprise vendors have agreed to bypass the nationwide effort in favor of their own agreement. While not stating the impetus to form their own alliance the vendors have entered into an agreement, named “CommonWell Alliance

Frustrated with the snail-like pace for development of health information exchange, several U.S. Senators have suggested a ‘REBOOT”. This is detailed in a white paper entitled, “Re-examining the Strategies Needed to Successfully Adopt Health IT. They took issue with what they said is paltry progress on system interoperability so far, raised alarms about unnecessary billing enabled by EHRs, sought better oversight of the MU program, called for more stringent patient privacy protections and wondered about the chances for long-term health IT sustainability.

And at the same time there has been a critique of the new plan from the EHRA (EHR Association) Their concerns include launching  a new Collaborative .

One of the main criteria for incentive funding for providers is meaningful use and attestation requiring interoperability and the ability to communicate with differing vendor EMRs.  What happens after the fact when many providers find their EMR, although certified as interoperable by CCHIT, Drummond, or ANSI do not function correctly, and has not been used. Will HHS demand refunds from providers who have already received their incentive payments?.

I would enjoy hearing comments and feedback about the Reboot


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