Monday, February 25, 2013

EHR users unhappy, many switching | Healthcare IT News

EHR users unhappy, many switching | Healthcare IT News: "EHR users unhappy, many switching"

Meaningful use is challenging many providers with the requirement of reporting and adding new information in their current EMR.  M.U. Stage I has been implemented, Stage II deadline is near or passed, and Stage III which is the most intrusive will be due next year (2014)

In addition to those requirements Clinical Decision Making will be the mantra for the remainder of this decade. The development of affordable Natural Language Processing will empower medical practices to integrate this aid.

For most MDs this will assist and accelerate the process by conifrming evidence based medicine and suitable references.  This may reduce medico-legal incidents.  It will also empower the addition of physician extenders.

HTE recommends that potential EMR users, and/or those considering making a switch to postopone a change at this time.  Most of the new requirements are not yet available in current systems. Potential upgrades should be verified from current vendors. Our experience has been that many vendors who promise upgrades do not deliver.  Clinical Decision Making may be available as a separate program or as a new module for your present EMR.  The most functional CDM is integrated and capable of extracting information from you current system. This reduces error and time as well as affording transparency and seamless behind the scene functionality.

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