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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

7 Nutrients That Cancer-proof Your Body

7 Nutrients That Cancer-proof Your Body:

Yes Virginia, there are steps you can use to reduce your risk of Cancer.  In addition to these listed in the article:

1. Use UV blocker on your skin
2..Reduce your fat intake
3. Control your weight
4. Avoid toxic compounds, and regions that have an increase rate of cancers
5. Live in the far east
6. Do not smoke

In a time when we are hearing how much technology will help your health, the simple things still matter the most.

Men....Despite what CDC said about routine PSA testing for Prostate Cancer, doctors have refuted this advice..Listen to your doctor.

Women:  If you have a family history of Cervical Cancer, or Breast Cancer get a Pap smear once a year, and have a breast examination, as well as a BRCA test.

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