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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Future of Mobile Health Apps.


What is ?

If you have not heard about the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, listen up. Perhaps you remember the fledgling days of wireless 802.11/a/b/n and soon their will be another iteration, so don’t get too cozy with your present wireless router and your Wi-Fi enabled gizmos.

This morning I happened to disconnect my laptop from my secured router, and had to re-connect.  As some of you know your wireless adapter finds all the wireless signals in  your vicinity so you can chose your own router. Most of the signals are secured by encryption to avoid ‘stealing’ your neighbor’s internet. I was amazed that my laptop recognized 30 other router signals ranging from 5 bars all the way down to 1 bar. And their were no unsecured routers. My times have changed. I used to be able to bootleg on at least two other routers if something happened to my own connection.

Perhaps you have noticed that your internet speed has decreased as there are more users of wireless in homes, apartments, and at meetings. In fact all connectivity can be lost if the spectrum becomes to saturated.

Each of the standards a/b/n uses different frequencies and may use two or more to spread their signal to improve speed, bandwidth and streaming video applications. The technology of MIMO (multiple input, multiple output and more than one antenna maximizes our current state of the art. However it is becoming unable to handle the increasing demand of multiple users, even in one household with multiple tablets, and streaming video to televisions and video conferences on Google plus, Live stream and many other consumer grade applications. Ever notice when the kids use the microwave oven, your laptop connection grinds to a halt.

If fast is good, then faster is better, if far away is good, farther away is even better and if you can have both, why not? As John F. Kennedy once proclaimed about going to the  moon “Some ask why? and I say Why not.”

It is hard to believe that was almost 40 years ago…Forty years from now it is hard to imagine what will be in mobile communications

A group of forward looking radio frequency engineers, WiGig Alliance was established by technology leaders within the CE, PC, semiconductor and handheld industries to address the need for faster, wireless connectivity between computing, communications and entertainment devices. The organization has developed a unified specification that allows devices to communicate at multi-gigabit speeds never before experienced with wireless technology. This white paper explains most of it. Wireless 802.11/ad will use RF in the 60 ghz range.


As you may observe it is more challenging to fit the uses of RF spectrum  into a single diagram.

Why is this important to Health Train Express? Whatever changes are taking place in health reform, business practices, technology advances, politics, entertainment are accelerated even more by social media.  The synergy of a post on Twitter, Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest is obvious. Some say, what about the duplication of posts? Educators will tell you that you have to see or hear something three times in order to learn it. So like Real Estate…Location, location, location for social media the three key things are: Repetition, repetition, repetition

The space is an enormous influencer, for positive and negative opinions. If it is on the internet, blogosphere or social media land…it is in the public domain.


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