Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama’s On Fire


While watching the Inauguration and the surrounding festivities, I realized how much I was enjoying the quadrennial carnival and what has become known as the ‘peaceful transfer’ of power in the United States. And I am not a great fan of Barak Obama.


We have witnessed many un-peaceful transfers of power in the past decade or more. The fresh lessons this year in particular stand out against what has happened in a domino effect of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and what is now taking place in Syria. And despite our ‘non-peaceful intervention in Iraq to depose a despot and encourage democracy, stability is not insured.

Because of these recent events this inauguration is even more meaningful.  We have just completed a two year battle which has been highly partisan and reflecting the deep divisions in the United States over entitlement, health reform, economy, and indebtedness. The past 5 years have been difficult for the middle class and others, with a threat of becoming nationalized, with the GM buyout and the AIG bailout.

Certainly in most other countries this setting would instill resurrection and/or revolution.

Today in 2012 the world is not a tidy place.  In the UP.SO. we seem to have lost a moral compass, and long standing beliefs in the constitution in favor of expediency to empower a change in health care, size of government and other institutions.

Has the day of individual accomplishment gone by? It seems that way, but initiative and creativity are deeply embedded in human nature by the very real existence of our heterogeneous DNA.

It can be said that whether we were created, or evolved this basic foundation virtually guarantees the ability to overcome tyranny, despots, and inadequate and incompetent forms of government, unable to change or morph into better functioning entities.

In healthcare issues physicians who have always been relatively altruistic and idealistic, can still do so, however it has become more difficult. Medical schools who have previously benefitted from the annual fund raisers are finding donations more difficult to come by in these relatively lean years. This is a byproduct of health reform and will effect projects by schools of medicine.

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