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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Many of my readers know that I have been a proponent os significant health reform, however remain critical of PPACA as passed into law. It is misguided to call this law “OBAMACARE”.  President Obama did not draft the legislation, had little to do with it’s writing and formation,  but signed it into law.  We can safely assign it’s passage to the Democratic Party, for not one Republican voted to pass this law. Despite Republican suggestions their advice was ignored and rejected. The media has vastly distorted the law, and it’s effects to the American Public. Other than academic physicians and the ‘flip flop’ American Medical Association, very very few clinical physicians in practice support it, whether they are in group practice or small solo practices.

If  you are an idealist, there is much to  say that this is a moral law, and creates social justice. However social justice at the expense of a significant minority tramples upon the minority rights to freedom of choice.  Those who still oppose PPACA deserve and have a right to be heard with some measure of respect.  They all too well know the danger of this law and many of these people are the same ones who are not insured at present.

On Saturday, the Oregonian reported that Oregon residents who buy their own health insurance "face major cost changes."

"The coverage cost shake-up for those purchasing their own coverage is just one of many major changes to the health care landscape rolling out this year courtesy of the Affordable Care Act," the newspaper said.

One of the major reasons I oppose it are the fact that is not ‘affordable’ and not protective.  Almost nothing in the law prevents insurance companies from raising their premiums and their costs to fall under the rule of 15% profit or 85% of their premiums going toward patient care.   So add to the equation the significant cost of audits of all health insurers.  It is almost as daunting as auditing the Department of Defense, or the audits of the General Accounting office of the U.S. Government.

The issue of the IRS monitoring the mandate and imposing penalties is groundbreaking having the IRS intrude into other areas of life, not withstanding the cowardly act of SCOTUS saying that is a tax to avoid ruling on the issue of constitutionality.  It is a surprising fact that Congress and the American people did not revolt at this decision. Shame on Scotus !

Tonight I saw an add on television promoting a new book “” or The Survival Guide to Obamacare, a hidden minefield of disingenuous choices.

Health Train Express hopes to find a ‘side track’ as ObamaCare passes in the express lane.  I prefer a slow and deliberate “local’ stopping at all stations to take on passengers.

P.S.   This is one train I would rather miss.


Charles Trimm said...

Mr. Levin. I very much respect what you have written here. It really gives a true prospective, of that point on the so called obamacare911. If you don't mind I would like to repost it on my blog. thank U.

Anonymous said...


"proponent os significant"...first sentence and should be "of"
"assign it’s passage"...third sentence and should be "its"

Stopped reading after that