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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Miracle of Finding a Physician


If you think finding a physician who ‘takes’ your insurance plan, think again !




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Doctors in Critical Condition !

Hate spending time in the waiting room of your physician’s office ? In a few years time you should count yourself to be lucky if you get to meet a physician at all! A recent study by the, The Physicians Foundation brings home an uncomfortable truth. That physicians are overworked underpaid, and, most are planning to leave the profession all together.

The Ailing Healthcare Industry…

Healthcare experts’ critic the latest reforms in the healthcare field and predict that there would be fewer physicians, in the years to come.

Though there may not be a mass, dramatic and headline grabbing exodus, if the current trend persists there could be 44,250 doctors lost in the next 4 years.

This coupled with 32 million newly insured Americans, can lead to longer waits to meet the doctor. And, less or no, patient engagement.

Has the Healthcare Industry Become too Expensive and Complicated?

Escalating costs of healthcare and mind bending regulations have made doctors, ailing patients desperately looking for a cure.

In a survey by Shana felt and colleagues of the Mayo clinic, a shocking 46% of doctors suffered from signs of a burnout.

We’ve Become Data Entry Clerks !

Money is hard to come by. But that is not the only reason physicians are contemplating early retirement. Family practitioner Mark Laza, in a recent summit, said that he’d cut 15% of his patient load.

He’d stopped seeing patients with low paying plans. But one major complaint he had was that doctors had become data entry clerks. The number of hours lost due to data entry made it harder to practice medicine, he complained.

It is a Crisis and not a Passing Phase…

This is a crisis that demands collective attention and action. It is a bitter truth but a truth nevertheless, that caring for patients isn’t the only priority of the doctor. To help a sick industry recover, it is essential that every physician maps out a game-plan.

It could be the tried and tested outsourcing solution or revamping compensation formulas. To hire part time staff to handle data entry tasks or working with a billing company. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done now ! To help physicians tide over challenges and emerging fiscally fit !

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