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Friday, December 28, 2012

National Library of Medicine How to Analyze Your Internet Information Source


Health Train Express began publishing in 2004. The  internet and platforms have changed radically since then, and so too has healthcare. Not so silently EMR and EHR have been adopted by many physicians   in some form or other. Social media has exploded  in the last 24   months and is being used by early adopters in very creative ways, adhering at all times to  HIPAA regulations. While social media can be used for many   innovative and creative ways in healthcare, it cannot be used for direct patient care.

Telemedicine has arrived, and coincidentally the development of affordable web cameras, increased processing power in consumer electronics and more widespread affordable high speed broadband. Commercial consumer video conferencing platforms are sprouting. One innovative entrepreneur has even developed a multilevel marketing business model. The subscription service fee is $29.oo a month and that fee is waived if users bring in three additional recruits. There is the option to partner and develop a residual revenue stream. (not required). The service offers a 24 hour “hotline” and 800 board certified physicians to either deal with the questions via emai, telephone, or videoconference. If the online MD is unable to make a decision or it is recommended that a clinic visit is necessary the patient is referred to a local MD. Physicians may also join the network with the same residual income plan. It is HIPAA compliant and the infrastructure  is on Webdocs Network however is a separate VAR (Value Added Retailer).

Today the information overload is considerable. Searches on Google will result in millions of ‘hits” much of   it  promoted, enhanced by search engine optimization to increase the chances of being listed on the first page of Google Search results.

HHS, CMS, hospitals and   providers alike have developed web presence directed at providers and patients as well.  Mayo  Clinic  has offered a ‘Residency in Social Media” This, originating from a high quality and credible  institution has bolstered and encouraged social  media applications for physicians stressing   HIPAA compliance

Users at any level of experience can benefit greatly from a National Library of Medicine video tutorial .

Medline (A service of the National Library of Medicine) also offers a series of Video Tutorials on many subjects


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