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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Health Care Apocalypse December 23, 2012


Whatever took place with healthreform the past two years will pale when compared to the next three years, when the plan unfolds.

Congress did  not (Democrats?) read the bill prior to passing it without regard to its content.  Yet the public did not hold congress accountable for it’s irresponsible passage of PPACA.  I am more flabbergasted than ever.  All the things I was taught in school, college, medical school are not there any more. Few really know or even respect our fundamental foundation for true freedom.

It is no wonder our youth are confused about what is right or wrong.   You can make up your own minds.  Those are my thoughts.

We don’t need a Mayan Apocalypse…..we have an American Apocalypse.

I am not certain if anything can be done to alleviate the financial pain and health system compromise at this point.  At some point the reservoir is empty. Our choice is simple but painful….stop spending now.  Our system needs to recover economically. Re-inventing health system paradigms will not work. It requires huge investment of sums we no longer have.  The billions of dollars HHS and congress have earmarked in incentives will in the long run yield only mountains of data, which may be inaccurate at the worst, misleading at the least, and ultimately wasted.

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