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Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Election Edition of Digital Health Space


Riverside, California

November 11, 2012

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The re-election of Barak Obama was a cliff-hanger, and makes the implementation of the PPACA a likely scenario. It is possible there will be necessary amendments to the law. Many medical organizations are intent on this goal, including medical associations, hospital associations, provider organizations as well as many insurance companies.

At the time when this bill was passed into law it was not a bi-partisan agreement, leaving out advice and recommendations from almost half of the country's representatives.

The American Medical Association did a flip-flop at the last minute endorsing PPACA, however it may not have been a true representation of providers.

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This week's important events:

This week's top news is the re-election of President Obama.


Obama's Win Seen As ACA Win, But Path Unclear As Deficit Talks Loom

Progressives In Open Letter Demand WH Stick to Guns on Medicare, Medicaid

Stark's Loss Removes Key House Dem For Fiscal Talks, ACA Implementation

National Accountable Care Organization Congress

Hospital mass layoffs for 2012 expected to match 2011’s numbers

Last Distraction Removed from California Health Reform

CMS releases 2013 Medicare physician fee schedule as big cuts loom


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