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Saturday, November 24, 2012

BLACK FRIDAY and Health Care


What we need is a Health Care Black Friday !  Yes, fellow Friday shoppers here are the stats derived from a ‘big blue’ (IBM) for you Gen Xers) data dive. Why is IBM  watching mobile?

  • Online sales are up 20 percent for this same time period over Black Friday 2011.
  • The number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site is at 28 percent, up from 18.1 percent in 2011.
  • The number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase is 14.3 percent, up from 10.3 percent in 2011.
  • Shoppers using the iPad led to more retail purchases more often per visit than other mobile devices, with conversion rates reaching 4.2 percent, higher than all other mobile devices.
  • Shoppers referred from social networks like Facebook and Twitter generated 0.18 percent of all online sales on Black Friday.

So, you might be wondering how IBM gets all this i

In fact the internet humming (or is it buzz?) on Thursday, soon after that turkey/ham/prime rib) begins .

All Things Digital reported statistics from yesterday.

Last year, it was Cyber Monday — this year, it’s turned out to be Mobile Thursday. What’s next? Social Network Saturday? Self-Driving Car Sunday? (We still have Black Friday, by the way, which is today.)

And, indeed, the Mobile Thursday phrase got some big laps around the track, with numerous online shopping surveys — coming out faster than you can buy that new tablet — using it in their flash reports yesterday and today.

This year’s anecdotal meme: Apple iPads go well with pumpkin pie.

Black Friday is “SOCIAL” as evidenced by the following video.

The poignant focus of All Things Digital’s article,

“If you think about consumers, and you think about the amount of technology that they have at their hands, to reach out to read reviews and talk to friends and families, they’re incredibly empowered. There’s not one purchase decision that they make that is not impacted by some element of social networks. What does that do to the companies that have to deal with that by offering the best products and services, and you see companies are struggling to do that: To make the right offer at the right time with the right price. When they do it well, we all talk about how it went well; and when they do it badly, we talk about how annoying it was.” Is it this way with Health Care (YET) ?

Has this phenomenon spread to Health Care?

I would like to see IBM use their analytics on health consumer habits.

Here might be some of the things patients might search for after dinner.

1.  Bloated feeling in abdomen

2..Nausea when thinking about breakfast the next AM

3..Severe headache after drinking wine with dinner

4..Somnolence after dinner

5  Stimulants after dinner

6. Channel line-up for Football

7. Channel line-up for sports reporting

8. Google maps for directions to home

9. Google maps for directions to Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears or nearest mall.

Sirius most frequent question, “Where are the best deals today?”

So Black Friday and Health care have much in common.  They are both social.

I have an idea for the next “Developers Challenge”

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