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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Morning Brunch Topic, Is PPACA’s Demise Pending?


Another Elephant in The Room……summer edition.

President Obama’s dream team’s health reform law may becoming unhinged as more people read the law (thank you, Nancy Pelosi) If you have a week of spare time, you can read it also.

It shouldn’t take a panel of experts, such as healthcare executives, supreme court justices or ordinary citizens to read a document that encompasses their health and lives.

Written in verse similar to a ‘bible’ it states  multiple times that “the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall………”


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, running mate Paul Ryan, and other Republicans are stressing $716 billion in cuts to Medicare that are part of President Obama's health care plan.

The $716 billion in cuts are aimed not at Medicare recipients, but at health care providers, such as hospitals and medical device makers; they also target what the administration calls waste and inefficiency in Medicare. 

Meanwhile, speaking in Florida -- where the Medicare issue is particularly resonant -- Ryan told a group of senior citizens that Obama's plan "raids $716 billion from the Medicare program to pay for the Obama care program."

Ryan said the cuts are hurting nursing homes and Medicare Advantage insurance plans, and that "Medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for Obama care."

Ryan’ plan includes a voucher system for private care, the details of which were not explained, although it has been claimed it would increase the cost of care by $6400/Medicare recipient.

Obama’s plan calls for reducing payments to nursing homes and providers amount to $ 716 billion over ten years.  Obama claims that Romney’s plan would shorten the life of Medicare by ten years and end Medicare as we know it, because of the voucher system Romney and Ryan propose.

While there is some substance to these arguments and which deserve an open, transparent and public debate, it skirts the real issues of why Obamacare is poorly constructed.

The public debate has been superficial and couched not only in political terms, but fundamental issues of the form of government our Republic proposes to represent.


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