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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Breaking News on the Social Media Frontier


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The Second Generation of Social Media advances on health care. We are just at the frontier of social media engagement in healthcare.

I am one who sees things out of the box. I rebel at walls, at being defined by others and observe a wave of rapid advancement triggered by the infinite number of interactions between physicians and physicians and patients and patients and patients. (read that one slowly).  Rather than being bridled by old rules in a new medium, unless we adapt and change we will be swept away by new media just as newspapers and print book now play a much less dominant role in publishing.

It becomes apparent how mobile health is revolutionizing health care in countries that have a much greater shortage of physicians and larger population health challenges. In those countries there is no ‘box’ to restrict innovation and growth. It will be necessary for us to break down barriers and ‘rule’ set forth by government which decrease efficiency and increase costs.

Lift Elevator

Events in social media evolve at a quickening pace.  At a time when healthcare has accepted social media, social media evolves further.

Not so  subtle changes are being announced by the creative genius of what I would call “socialite media experts.  Simplicity of design, intimacy of intercourse, and        .

New domains, such a Medium, Branch, Beyond, Lift, all the progeny of Obvious (the original owners of Twitter).

Lift has a blog describing it’s goals .

Obvious describes itself in this manner, “The Obvious Corporation is more of a philosophy than a company or product. We focus our long term view on ideas and technology that can be generally described as “world positive.” When opportunities resonate with our worldview, we do what makes sense to help them succeed. So far, a small portfolio of companies across a variety of disciplines and a vision for how publishing could be improved have grabbed our attention.”

Medium presents a forum for stories, as  “collections” , which are defined by a theme and a template, as well as photographs.

Meanwhile  check out these:

Been There. Loved That 

Look What I Made

The Writer’s Room


All of these sites have popped up in the past several months. All are currently in beta and being rolled out by invitation .

As Steve Jobs said,

Stay hungry, Stay Foolish”  (Stanford University 2005, commencement address)  His statement was not original since it originally appears on the back page of THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG 1974

                                       Original Whole Earth Catalog, Special 30th Anniversary Issue

Is Social Media the current  iteration of “The Whole Earth Catalog?”  Is Social media a form of counter-culture revolution in the same manner as the catalog was at that time?


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