Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Treacle of Social Media


Well, there it is… The Higgs Boson particle…It took 50 years to prove it is there. We cannot see it, we can prove it’s there using highly sophisticated physics. What is it? It’s the ‘glue’ that exists throughout the universe which allows matter to exist. Without it all there would be is pure energy flying around at the speed of light. There would be no stars, no planets, no life (as we know it). Without it would  beings of pure energy, much like some of the creatures we read about in science fiction or Star Trek’ s ‘Q’ who materialized or the other malevolent energy fields the Enterprise would encounter on their journey to ‘where no one had gone before’.

Happy Independence Day everyone 1776-2012. 236 years have passed. The U.S.A. is still a relatively young nation, our national identified thus far by exceptionalism in private investment and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.  We have always striven for excellence based upon individual effort coupled with team work.

Social media is a form of teamwork….Competition abounds in the social media sphere between Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and many other social platforms.  How many platforms can you name  ?

Social media’s treacle is the very essence of humanity, the need for social interaction, the glue of what makes us human, along with primates and an inborn need to communicate and have sensory input from outside each of our beings.


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