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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

History of Social Media and Bloggers on the Health Train Express


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Sunday morning for me is a time of reflection.  I dipped into my rich collection of bookmarks, archived blogs,  and favorites on a backup volume stored on a hidden away dusty external drive.  After a six year hiatus I plugged the drive in the light went on, and almost unexpectedly the drive directory appeared instantly. Hmm, sometimes this stuff actually works !  What was amazing is that I am now using Windows 8 pre- release and the backup was made on Windows XP.

A great deal has changed on the internet, many things have disappeared, blogging has matured into a much easier platform, and has additional social outlets in Facebook, Twitter, and now Google Plus. 

In 2005 I was privileged to participate in the founding of Trusted.MD by Dmitriy Kruglyak.


At that time I wrote a column about RHIOs (Regional Health Information Exchange), now known as Health Information Exchanges. The point being that we do much of the same tasks only using a different name to describe them, each hopefully a better iteration of our common goals. RHIO became HIE, HMO became PPO, became ACO, and more Unwritten confidentially rules became HIPAA law.

Normally in health care or health policy blogs we write about “late breaking events”, not about historical archives.  However I think it important to know from whence we came to realize how our social media activity adds to the ‘collective consciousness’ of our world not only in health care (which has become a central focus) for almost everyone in the U.S. as we ponder enormous standardization and seek better health for everyone.

I suggest we look at Trusted.MD  from 2005.  The most striking feature is the lack of graphics, photos, and imaging. The structure and content are basic text, tables, and formatted like MSDOS.  The content however is rich and worthwhile, creating interest in blogging. Trusted.MD can still be found and it’s curator, Dimitryi Kryglyak can be found there and in all my social media sites, links, twitters and places I have not gone to as yet.  Dimitryi Kruglyak is not properly credited as a pioneer in social media.  Let’s bring him some proper recognition.

The medium is both the message and it’s content. Our rapid progress often obscures the many groundbreaking seminal events.

   Google Plus Hangout

Today in mid 2012 having a social media presence is equally important as having your own website.  Many users have elevated their blog site into a form of website, or landing page with many embedded links.

Not only has HIT dragged MDs into the 21st Century, Social Media is in the process of doing the same.

Hopefully the government can keep it’s hands of social media.


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