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Monday, July 30, 2012

Digital Health Space


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We have been working on a new entity for about 12 months on Google Plus. Digital Health Space.

Google plus is now a key feature for Google, which is tightly integrated with Gmail, Search, Google Docs,  and many other  features for Google.  Google has become much more than a search engine.  Vic Gundrota, Vice-President responsible for the new Google Plus and Google Hangouts likes to call Google a ‘destination site'”.

Google purchased YouTube a little more than a year ago, and has now tightly integrated it into their overall selection of application.  Many healthcare providers have produced videos of surgeries, educational materials and much more, hosted on YouTube,, and easily accessible from their social media stream on Google Plus.

Google Gmail has added a hangout feature on their email site. It is possible to open a hangout directly from Gmail.   It is also  possible to build several different business pages on Google Plus.  Among our pages are +Digital Health Space, +Health Care Social Media, + G+MD .

Digital Health Space is also developing a weekly Hangout on Air for health professionals.  Watch for further announcements here, on Google + and twitter as well as Facebook.

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