Friday, June 1, 2012

Secure Social Media ?? Oxymoron?



Despite being social, Facebook has added a key component that will attract health professionals and patients to interact in private on Facebook.

Now that 0ver 85% of providers use some form of social media it is a fertile ground for inclusion in the health care digital revolution.

PR Web released news about Facebook’s new secure API.  The application by

Details on the Register Patient Facebook App for Physicians

Cost: Free feature included as part of RegisterPatient system
Functionality Specifics:
Application can be installed on provider’s Facebook page creating a HIPAA compliant secure patient portal with the following functions:
●    Secure online patient registration
●    Appointment Requests with real time appointment availability
●    Prescription refill requests
●    Secure patient to provider messaging

The announcement is timed perfectly for the upcoming announcement from HHS regarding inclusion of patient’s in digital eHealth for meaningful use stage II.

The application links directly to the provider’s account and duplicates the same secure patient portal that can be installed on the provider’s website. Providers initiate usage of the Facebook application from within the RegisterPatient admin area and can complete the setup in just a few minutes.

This promises to give a large boost to use of social media. also has several other functionalities to enhance patient involvement and inclusion.

Social Media continues to be a brave new world.


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