Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Online Program Lets Docs 'Prescribe' mHealth Apps


How many physicians actually prescribe mobile health applications to their patients by writing an Rx or having a list to give to their patients?  Believe it or not some patients do not know what is on the market and readily available for mhealth. Those who are familiar with mobile health and/or remote monitoring will look to you as an “expert” on mobile and remote monitoring.

If you are not an expert or have meager knowledge of this subject , and little time to research the subject you have two choices:

1. Assign responsibility to a staff member

2. Look at our resource white paper on mobile health, and remote monitoring.

3. Do both.

Social media is an excellent source of information, in blogs, on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Numerous discussion groups occur on Google plus Hangouts. This link will guide you how to join Gmail (necessary) and start a hangout.

Health Train Express and Digital Health Space produce a ‘Hangout Doctor” at 5 PM Pacific time Monday through Thursday. Circle ‘Digital Health Space’ for up to date information

Happtique, a mobile health application store aimed primarily at healthcare providers, plans to launch an mRx program that will give hospitals and physicians a mechanism for prescribing mHealth apps to patients. Following a two-month pilot this summer, Happtique expects to launch its patent-pending mRx technology in the marketplace.

Happtique offers a full suite (catalog) for both iPhone and Android OS solutions and is catalogues by specialty as well as by profession. Register here


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