Friday, June 29, 2012

Hangout Therapy for Immobilized and Challenged Patients


Virtual Photo Walk Tour, Capture Image of Toronto Canada, courtesy VFW.

Today’s Health Train Express delivers us to a wide variety of global tourist interests. The power of technology is readily harnessed with new, innovative and affordable consumer devices.


I have been privileged to work with many talented individuals, our cofounders, Bruce Garber (in Boston, MA), our announcer, video producer, and John Butterill  Ontario Canada) CEO of Virtual Photo Walks.

VPWs are routinely broadcast, as scheduled events.

In today’s VPW we had several patients challenged with advanced neurologic diseases, multiple sclerosis which render them non ambulatory.

The technology necessary for this is a simple webcam, laptop with broadband internet and even works well with smartphone or tablet pc’s running on a cell network for the VPW.  The broadcast locations were all transmitted using either an Android device or an iPhone using 4G cell connectivity.

I have included several previously archived events. The live events can be viewed via a ‘Google Hangout on Air’  (HOA).

KOMU TV news Anchor Sarah Hill is a journalism professor at the University of Missouri and is a pioneer Google Hangout person, championing it’s use in health, charitable fund raising, news gathering and in education.

Follow her narration of our next virtual photo walk.



Australian Beach


Japanese Cherry Blossoms




Virtual Photowalk in Singapore

For future events go to . Also please visit our YouTube Channel at  Virtual Photo Walk for the archives.

Virtual Photowalks invites requests for specific patients to be scheduled. Photowalks are global in nature and we have resources on all continents (we are working on Antarctica)


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