Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Struggles with Social Media


Breaking Blogs (from Summify)

Doctor’s Love-Hate  Relationship with Electronic Health Records…It goes something like this  LOVE/HATE

Creative Destruction, What it Means for Healthcare, Clinical Practice and Consumers?

It goes a bit like this, Creative Destruction

Insurers Embrace 'Virtual' Doctor Visits’ (does this mean they will pay for them?)


Strategic Investment in Health Resources (Financial)  Editor’s note: Dave Chase is the CEO of Avado.com, a patient portal & relationship management company that was a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist.


Following in a long shadow cast by eminent blogger and social media expeert, Dr. Mike Sevilla (formerly known as Dr Anonymous) Health Train Express will partner with Digital Health Space for a series of interviews on Google Plus Hangouts, Live on Air

I am developing a list of interested social media experts in health care for an interview. Social media in healthcare is a  rapidly developing function for patient involvement in a niche unrelated to HIPAA regulations.  Our goal is to educate providers and hospitals how to use the new platforms safely without violating the law.

Check back here or at Digital Health Space for upcoming events.


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