Monday, May 28, 2012

More on Patient Centric Medicine


Not only do physicians, hospitals, insurers, need to become more patient centric but also device manufacturers as indicated by comments from implantable cardiac device manufacturers.

Ted Campos adequately describes how he wants access to data collected from a device implanted in his own heart.

TEDx Cambridge

Give me MY DATA!
Getting Health Data from Inside Your Body

Hugo Campos believes that patients with implanted medical devices deserve access to the data they collect.

I have this complex little computer implanted in my body, but I have no access to it," says Campos. "The best that patients can do is get a printout of the report given to the doctor, and that's designed for doctors, not patients. Patients are left in the dark."

Campos's goal is a new twist on the concept of open access, one that has emerged as implanted medical devices become more common and patients increasingly use wireless devices and smart-phone tools to track their health and take control of their care.

Campos, who talked about his efforts at a TEDx conference in Cambridge on Saturday, has approached both device makers and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to try to get access to the data. But manufacturers have told him that the device is implanted to deliver therapy, not to provide information to the patient. And doing so is not part of their business model. He believes that because device makers see their primary market as physicians rather than patients, they are less motivated to make this information available to the people who actually live with the devices in their bodies.

And perhaps physicians should use only devices that patients can access their own data. That might change device makers ‘business model’.  After all the patient (or their insurer) is buying the device…..not the physician.

Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor for CHF


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