Thursday, May 10, 2012

Health Information, Social Media and Broadcasting



At this point in my writing most of you now realize I have become indoctrinated in all aspects of social media, from Twitter and Facebook to the new G on the block. No not Guy…but G+.  Google plus offers some unusual features, the best of which in my opinion is the  Google Plus Hangout.  A new feature which just ‘rolled out’ is the ‘Hangout Live On Air”.  

A normal hangout allows for a total of 10 participants, nine others besides you. Google now owns You Tube and has integrated many features from YouTube into Google and vice-versa.  The integration of this feature allows for an unlimited audience as the broadcast occurs beyond the limited 10 in the hangout. In addition the HOA is recorded, archived and can be viewed at anytime.

What does all this cost…you ask ? Zilch, if you discount the need for a broadband internet connection and a computer capable of supporting a web camera.

I hope that some of you will join the G+MD hangouts to be held regularly to organize this as a regular “Hangout Event”  It will be titled  “Medical Minutes”.

The initial hangouts will consist of some ‘housekeeping tasks” and organizational information. If you use twitter set a hash tag for #glevin1. Announcements schedules will be sent via twitter and Google plus. The Stream is at +Digital Health Center.


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