Sunday, April 22, 2012

TEDMED Social Media in Vivo


I admit it. T.E.D. 2012 from San Francisco CA was lost in the clutter on my radar screen this month by tax day and a myriad number of social media projects I am involved in. As an inadequate apology here is  TEDMEDs 2012 PROGRAM . TEDMED is well established as an annual affair and is well accepted as a source of information for the present and future. The speakers cross a wide divide of topics from social concerns to science and at times science fiction. Well respected, this year the TEDMED was carried by simulcast live at UCSF.  For the rest of us we will have to wait for the archived event to be published.\

“TEDMED is the only place where a Nobel Prize-winning neurobiologist has a conversation with a four-star general…where an opera singer (with a double lung transplant) chats with a NASA space physician…and where a ballet dancer talks to an exoskeleton designer,” according to the TEDMED website.

The Program Brochure adequately describes the events:


In the interest of not missing the event for 2013, please reserve April 16-19 2013 at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Apply To Attend  early. It usually sells out.

Speakers have not yet been formally announced, however 2012 Speakers will give you an idea of the energy, excitement and creativity at the TEDMEDs

Sherwin Nuland at TEDMED 2010

Distance between Physician and Patient Increase

As my title for today’s post indicates, TEDMED is THE Social Media Event, Live each year.

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