Saturday, April 21, 2012

Social Media and the Pot of Boiling Water

Social media, and blogging are a collective affair. Interesting and creative posts and ideas seem to take on a life of their own. It reminds me of the molecules in a pot of boiling water.  The water molecules vibrate faster and faster bouncing off one another until it reaches  100 degrees C.   Adding further energy (heat) creates a change in physical state absorbing more energy and if contained in a space pressure rises or escapes if it is an open vessel.

Social media is a bit like this analogy.The subject starts off slowly and if worthwhile others repost or write a similar blog.  At some point the post takes on a mind of it’s own, travelling through feeds, and aggregation sites.


It’s like that here at the Health Train Express where I want to thank Health Works Collective for it’s continuing and generous redistribution of my meager thoughts and ideas. Much of Health Train’s success is attributable to Joan Justice and her fine team.   Thank you.


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