Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keep Your Head Down, Shut Up and Forge Ahead


A blog colleague of mine who writes “Dr J’s House Calls” who I am certain would not mind my telling you her non-stage name is Mary Johnson M.D. while I explain her life since medical school.  While this is not the worst case scenario I have stumbled upon, it is a heart-breaking story of how things do not always turn out for the best.

I won’t go into a lot of detail here, for the story is told nobly if a bit one sided I do not doubt for a minute what she tells is the absolute truth about Randolph Hospital

There’s something about ‘Mary” as the movie title says.  Mary has INTEGRITY and she stands by her story, never  blinking, nor questioning her role in playing into the hands of dirty politics, good old boy networking and the power of money.

If you are a young physician or medical student thinking of taking on scholarships/loans to be forgiven for time spent in National Health Service, according to Mary Johnson consider the alternatives. Military Service, Loans not based upon indentured servitude, and perhaps even not going into a medical career at all.

I have been reading her “stuff” since 2005  when we were both much younger.

Her stories are as fresh today as they were when she wrote them in 2005. At first I determined it was all “cut and paste”. then decided she needed to be medicated for a fixation, or obsessive compulsive disorder.  I am sure many thought the same.

However I am not dismissive of anyone in so much pain. I also thought she enjoyed the pain and playing the role of ‘victim’. It played out in a sado-masochistic sort of way.  But I was wrong once again. 

Mary simply broadcasts a warning to all young, altruistic, inexperienced physicians being led to slaughter (and not even getting the bar of soap (stone) by hospitals, other physicians (who should know better, or who sold out a long time ago) and now it will be Obama Care.

That brings us up to today and her latest post of Dr. J’s House Calls.

Admittedly it is a long read, but it can be summarized quickly reading her first post and this most recent one.   I sum it up….”There’s Something About Mary”

After reading about  Dr. J’s tribulations I now understand much more about John Edwards.

Mike Wallace may be turning over in his grave.

And as for Mary Johnson…..I still love you.


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